Feminism, The Other F Word

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Feminism has a sort of stigma attached to it, wrongfully so, I believe.

Some people argue that there are different types of feminism, and, while they’re free to do so, I don’t buy into this and I never have.

Feminism is really very simple: women are equal to men. Full stop.

This means all women.

White women; women of color; women of faith, including, but not limited to: Muslim women, Christian women, Pagan women; women of no faith; young women; old women; trans women. All women.

It’s not that hard to understand.


Some people would say that what I am is an intersectional feminist, because I include all women in my feminism. While that may be true, given our society and tendency to label everything to death, I reject this notion.

Feminism is a part of equality, one that specifically places focus on women, because women, in our current society, are not equal.

Equality is the belief that all people, men and women, are equal, no matter what.

I have always, since I knew what feminism meant, considered myself a feminist. How could I not? It’s so obvious to me that women are equal to men.

The question isn’t, “Why are you a feminist?”

The question is: Why aren’t you?


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