My Political Views, A Preview

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I’m going to be a bit lazy because I’m getting to writing this late because I spent the day with my boyfriend, relaxed for a while, then got distracted while researching for this post, which was originally going to be My Political Views, An Overview, which will be coming at you later, either later today or in addition to tomorrow’s post.

(In addition, my back’s killing me, I’ve had a horrible tension headache all day, and I’m going to sleep in 15 minutes because I need to get back on my schedule.)

For now, enjoy this little preview into what the overview is going to be about.

For context:


Take this quiz here!

Sorry for the lazy post! Hope you enjoy the break from extremely wordy, in-depth analyses on politics. I’ll have My Political Views, An Overview, coming to you within the next 24 hours.


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