My Political Views, An Overview

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Yesterday, I posted a quick preview on my political views. Today, I’m going to go a bit deeper by tackling each major issue and providing a sentence or two on where I stand.





Obviously, I’ve shared my in-depth views on previous posts, but here’s where I’m going to just broadly speak on all the issues.

I’m going to keep each issue short and sweet, and keep this post updated as I see the need to.

Let’s get started!

  • Women’s rights:
    • Pro-choice;
      • Also truly pro-life. (More on this later.)
    • For closing the wage gap between women and men (AKA equal pay);
    • For freedoms on women’s healthcare.
  • LGBT+ rights (more on this in a later post):
    • Pro-marriage equality;
    • For gay adoption rights (this comes into play in a true pro-life stance);
    • For anti-discrimination laws and protections;
    • Pro-transgender equality.
  • Racial equality (more on all of this in a later post):
    • Pro-racial equality;
      • We need to treat each other as human beings, and truly do away with the idea of ‘separate, but equal’.
    • Pro-Black Lives Matter;
    • For ending systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Justice/Law:
    • Pro-Justice system and law, but…;
    • For criminal justice reform
      • I recognize that our system has its failings and needs some reform in regards to some issues and outdated laws.
    • Against capital punishment, in all cases (more on this in a later post);
    • For prisoner rights.
      • We need to treat our prisoners like humans.
  • First Amendment rights:
    • Pro-Freedom of Speech, but there does need to be some limit;
    • For Freedom of Religious Exercise, not Establishment;
      • Practice what you like, but…
      • Don’t make laws on it.
        • Meaning no ‘religious freedom’ laws.
          • Religious freedom is already constitutional.
            • Those are extra rights.
              • Not LGBT+ rights.
            • Also, ‘religious freedom’ is code for ‘I want to discriminate based on my religion’.
    • For Freedom of the Press;
    • For Freedom of Assembly;
    • For Freedom to Petition
  • Second Amendment rights:
    • abhor guns, though I recognize the necessity. (Similar to my views on the military.)
      • I fully realize that guns, in today’s world, are an unfortunate consequence to our progress.
      • I do not want to take anyone’s guns away.
      • I do not want people to be unable to defend themselves or others.
        • However, guns exist solely to kill. They do not have any other purpose. And I find that wholly unnecessary to humanity and disgusting.
        • But, they exist; we can’t, and shouldn’t, go backwards.
          • We should find a way to live together peacefully, but I fully understand that’s next to impossible.
      • Basically, *shrug*.
  • Monetary issues:
    • Everything that’s a necessity to life today should be free. Notably:
      • Food; (Obvious.)
      • Water; (Again, obvious.)
      • Healthcare; (Again, obvious.)
      • A place to live; (Yet again, obvious.)
      • Electricity;
        • Here’s where it gets a bit iffy, but I believe electricity, in today’s world, is necessary to life; it goes into that whole ‘food/healthcare/place to live triad.
      • Internet;
        • Now, this one is possibly the easiest to argue against, but, combined with the next one, it’s twofold. I believe that, again, in today’s world, internet is a necessity. It’s how we get the majority of our information [It does have the entire world’s history and the entire sum of human knowledge on it…], our entertainment, it’s a major convenience that I don’t believe anyone should be without.
      • At least one form of entertainment, though that’s easily arguably covered with internet.
        • This is notably the most iffy; my argument for this is that we, as humans, become depressed when we aren’t happy. Entertainment is the easiest way to accomplish that.
    • do believe, however, that we should work for things we want that are not covered in the seven categories above.
    • In addition to that, I believe that money, in and of itself, is a wholly unnecessary human invention that’s used as a means to put some people above others.
      • We should work for what we want, not for something to get the thing we want. (Does that make sense?)
    • In other words, I’m an anti-capitalist.

Those are the biggest issues I can come up with at the moment, though I will be updating this post semi-regularly with new big issues, or even just small issues, as they come up.

Before I let you go, here’s another image, just to show a bit more context:


As you can see, I fall right on the line of Anarcho-Communism and Anarcho-Syndicalism/Collectivist Anarchism.

After doing a bit of research on these, I fall more on the side of Anarcho-Communism.

(More on this later.)


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