Mental Illness In Those In Positions Of Power

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So, this past weekend, our ‘leader’, the one who refuses to take responsibility for his decisions, the deaths of the soldiers under him, the people he grifted, the ones he refused to pay for doing the job he hired them for…where was I going?

I could spend days just ranting about all of the horrible things this so-called ‘man’ has done, but then I’d never get anything done. Sound familiar?

Anyway, our ‘leader’ tweeted out unsubstantiated claims that Former-President Barack Obama wiretapped the building he lived in while staying in New York City prior to the inauguration.

Ignoring the fact that wiretaps cannot be ordered by the president, a restriction placed to keep authoritarian dictators with delusions of grandeur and extreme self-importance from spying on whoever they want…where was I going?

Oh, right! Former-President Barack Obama could not (legally, anyway) order a wiretap on anyone.

Wiretaps are ordered only when illegal activity of a certain caliber is suspected by the FISA Court, the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, part of the Judiciary branch of the US Government, which the Executive branch, the President, has zero control over.

If, indeed, there were wiretaps, it would be because a) Former-President Barack Obama broke the law and placed the wiretaps himself; b) there was just cause for those wiretaps to be ordered; or c) there were no wiretaps.

Moving on from this, these tweets exhibit, in my amateur opinion (though I am fairly accurate when I assess things), paranoid delusions (Paranoid Personality Disorder) and a compulsive need to be the constant center of attention (Histrionic Personality Disorder).

I’ve linked the descriptions to those two disorders for a reason: read them yourself and make your own conclusions; don’t just take my word on it.

“But why hasn’t anyone else, any experts, said this before?”

Good question.

One, they have, however, due to the American Psychiatric Association’s ethics code, specifically what is informally known as the Goldwater Rule, “armchair diagnoses” are deemed unethical.

As a whole, I do understand this, and, to a point, agree with it. What’s to stop any professional from just going out and publicly attaching a diagnosis on any individual?

Two, because of this rule, psychiatrists are at risk of losing their licenses, the thing they went to school for years for, their careers and livelihoods, if they break this rule.

On the flip side, when does that end? How far are we supposed to let things get before we can speak out against it? Obviously, we shouldn’t be ‘triggered’, but…we shouldn’t stick our heads in the sand and ignore the bad things either.

And why is it that we go to experts, people who have studied their field for years, who practically breathe the subject of which they have an expertise on, why is it that we go to them for everything, climate change, economics, politics, history, mathematics, literature, etc. so on and so forth, but not for this?

Why is there that double standard? Is it because of the stigma attached to mental health issues? Is it because of the Goldwater Rule?

Why is it that we can ask a climate science expert what they think on a certain political figure’s policy on climate science, which is most often also their personal view, but we can’t do the same for mental health experts?

You would think that we would trust the experts’ opinions on their expertise; we do for everything else. Why not this?

I realize that I’m asking the same thing over and over, but that’s due to my inability to understand why things are the way they are when it seems so obvious that they should be another way. It’s just logical. More than that, it’s smart.

To get a bit personal for a moment, I have clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I have, in the past, had panic attacks due to my GAD. I also have hypertension (high blood pressure). You can imagine my terror when my heart rate started rising randomly and pumping hard; I thought I’d been having a heart attack.

I’ve been on medication for my hypertension for years now; I’m 22. Last year, I lost my job and my depression returned in full force, this time accompanied with heightened GAD symptoms.

I had, for a few years prior, had anxiety, but never really noticed; it had been background noise, mostly. However, upon losing my job, it became worse; much worse. What used to be rare, ‘minor’ panic attacks became frequent panic attacks that scared me.

It scared me so much that I went to my doctor and told him what was going on, that I thought I’d been having issues with my hypertension or my heart. He left the room for a moment and came back with a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.

It helped, but not enough, so I went back a month or so later and got a higher dosage.

I have since switched from that to something that helped more, and from that to something that had less side effects that was also for my, yet again, returning depression, following the election.

I didn’t just ignore what was right in front of me; I consulted an expert; and because of that, I feel better than I have in years.

Despite my rising stress levels due to this administration and the fears it brings each and every day.

That’s part of why I’m doing this blog: as a way to cope; and also, as a way to educate those who may not know what’s going on or why it’s even important.

So many people didn’t have proper, factual knowledge this past election, and because of that, we’re where we are now: with a president who is mentally unfit to lead.

And we’re stuck, at least for the moment, because those that have the knowledge and expertise to say this are inhibited by fear of losing what they’ve worked for their entire lives. For doing their duty as American citizens to uphold the values of this country.

And that is, wholly, un-American.

As is having a leader who is unfit to lead due to the mental incapabilities to do so.

“America is great because America is good.” Those are the words of a very wise woman; an expert in her field, the field that is American Politics.

No one is going to be perfect. No one is going to 100% agree with you. Everyone is going to have flaws.

But someone who is mentally fit is always, always, better than someone who is notespecially when the latter has cognitive deficits that inhibit their ability to understand the world at large.

And we need to speak about this. We need to let our experts spread information on their expertise in a clear way.

The Goldwater Rule doesn’t prohibit the experts of their field from speaking on the issues, but it does prohibit those experts from connecting those same issues with those they have not personally interacted with.

While it is a good standard, when it comes to someone who has such a huge impact on millions, of people, I believe it should be suspended.

When it comes to someone who is very much in the public eye, I believe it should be suspended.

When it comes to someone who very clearly has mental deficits, I believe it should be suspended.

When all three of those apply, of course it should be suspended.


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