What Unity Truly Means

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I’d like to expand on a Twitter thread I made last week about…well, if you read it, it went all over the place, but, at its heart it was about unity within the Democratic Party, progressives, liberals, etc. so on and so forth. (Yes, they are all different; there’s some overlap, true, but they’re still different.)

I’m just going to quickly summarize the thread and expand on those points:

  • Each and every issue that we’ve been fighting or that comes up is important and we should focus on every single one of them.

Russia, which those on the actual left consistently throw under the bus as unimportant, is important. We have multiple officials of the Trump Administration, including Trump himself, who have lied about speaking with Russian officials during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. To dismiss that out of hand simply because it’s not focusing on what you deem as unimportant is exactly what those on the right do about everything.

Russia is important.

DAPL, the Dakota Access Pipeline, where the fight against water pollution has reached a head, at least for now, is important. The corporate-owned mainstream media* has given barely any focus to this because of, like almost all issues to do with political dissonance, money.

  • *(Which is not fake; pointing out that they’re mainstream and owned by big corporations is not the same as disregarding their legitimacy.)

DAPL is important.

Trump, incompetent, immoral, man-child idiot that he is, unfortunately, is important. He is the face of our nation, the one who is supposed to be leader. That he’s failing is important, even as each and every controversy and scandal serves as a distraction for the Republicans to push harmful legislature through.

Trump is important.

Immigration, Sessions, DeVos, Bannon, Perry, getting money out of politics, etc… They are all important.

  • We need to stop fighting with each other. We need to let go of this Bernie vs. Hillary fight, and we need to acknowledge that it’s still happening.

That part of the fight is over. No more of these “Bernie would have won” or “Bernie’s not even a Democrat; Hillary was the candidate” arguments or talking points. That’s derailing the actual fight. We need to stop attacking Hillary, stop attacking Bernie, stop defending both of them, etc. so on and so forth.

American politics, indeed, America itself, is like a baseball game: you have the players, the coaches, the equipment, the umpires and the commentators, and the audience.

  1. Players:
    1. The players are the respective parties and, as their name says, political players; the politicians.
  2. Coaches:
    1. The coaches are the ones that guide the players, the politicians; they’re the minds behind the policies…currently, the coaches are the donors.
  3. Equipment:
    1. The equipment is the policies and game itself, the process; the bat is the opposite party’s obstruction; the ball is the policy/decision and ideals themselves; it’s how the game is played, how things are manipulated.
  4. The umpires and commentators:
    1. The umpires are the ones who keep the players, and the game, in check; in the case of this analogy, it’s the news media, the ones who watch every moment of the game and players to keep them from doing something that’s against the rules.
    2. The commentators are also the news media, and also political pundits; their jobs are different from the umpires in that they don’t keep the game/players in check, but keep the audience informed of what’s going on.
  5. The audience:
    1. The audience is us; the American people; those that will be affected by the game, the players actions, etc. We expect everyone else, everything else, to do the heavy lifting for us so we can just go on and enjoy the show.

We need to focus on the Republicans. They are the ball. We need to stop focusing on the obstacles on our own team (Hillary vs. Bernie, media, etc.) and focus on them. You can’t win the game if you don’t hit the ball.

When the Democrats say “we need to focus on unity”, what they’re saying is that we need to keep our eye on the ball, which is everything.

I’m not saying that the corporate Democrats aren’t a problem (the people who dismissed Bernie and the progressives to try to get more moderate Republican voters); I’m not saying that Bernie didn’t divide the party (he brought out the more progressive side, the people who stayed on the left while the Democratic Party hightailed it to the right, which did divide the party).

No. What I’m saying is that we need to focus on both of those issues, but not to the degree that we are right now. We need to push it to the back burner for the moment. We need to focus on the RepublicansThey are the ones who are hurting people and destroying this country.

At the very least, we need to split our focus to all of those things. Equally.

To quote myself: Yes, it’s a division of resources. Yes, it’s harder. But that’s not important now. We have the numbers and the willpower. What we need is the focus.

We need to keep our eye on the ball. We need to unite.


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