Hatred and Bigotry Are Not Valid Ideologies, Political Opinions, or Viewpoints

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There’s been this ‘controversy’ about something in the non-political sphere lately having to do with video games, specifically Playtonic Games’  Yooka-Laylee, releasing April 11th, 2017.

So, why am I talking about video games on a political blog? Because one of the voice actors, a YouTuber by the name of Jon Jafari, better known as JonTron, was taken out of the game following a debate in which he exhibited some racist views.

Following Playtonic’s decision to take him out of the game, they received backlash. A lot of backlash.

People denouncing the decision citing ‘free speech‘ as an opposition to taking a racist out of a game, even though it’s well within the company’s rights to do so, not to mention just being the right thing to do.

You set and make an example; that’s the only way we progress.

Moreover, promoting racism/homophobic/sexist/etc. views, is, in essence, exhibiting those same views yourself, just like voting.

Speaking out and making a stand against those views is not going against free speech.

One, they’re a private company, not the government.

Two, they’re based in the UK.

Three, and this one is important, discriminatory views are not valid opinions or viewpoints.

You, as a consumer, have every right to boycott the company for silencing a racist xenophobic person’s voice, but don’t pretend it’s because of some injustice against that person by the company.

It’s because, on some level, you agree with his views.

If your political ideology stems from a place that harms others, it’s not valid. It’s not right.

It is explicitly wrong.

When you dehumanize a group of people based on some arbitrary reason, you’ve lost the argument, no matter what you’re arguing. You’ve chosen to say that these humans are not human to you without any legitimate reason or based on any merit.

There will be some who argue that by me saying this, I’m inherently doing the same.

That’s false.

There’s a logical, intelligent, legitimate reason for my view: I’m not saying these people aren’t human or unimportant, nor am I dehumanizing them in some way; what I am doing is pointing out their fallacious, unintellectual, morally bankrupt views and presenting a reason why such views are invalid and wrong.

If you fail to see that, you’re missing the point I’m trying to make.

At the end of the day, we’re all humans. We all have lives, desires, hobbies, feelings, and everything else. We need to stop focusing on our differences, especially ones that have no bearing on our implicit humanity, and focus on our similarities.


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